2018 Jewelry Trends

2018 Jewelry Trends


The New Year has arrived, which means a fresh start, time for reflection, and stunning new jewelry trends. Looking forward to 2018 we love what we are seeing across the industry. Specifically, there are three looks that have been catching our eye - vintage styles, bold pearls, and chain drops. What are your favorites?

Vintage Styles

The intricate designs, the attention to detail, and the tributes to the past. What’s not to love about vintage jewelry? If you have any family heirlooms laying around, this would be a great year to dust them off and give them new life. Vintage has been on the rise for a while now, and in 2018 this look is here to stay.

Bold Pearls

Pearls have been making a comeback for a while now and we love seeing how some of our favorite designers have been incorporating them into their collections. We’re not talking about your typical strand of pearls. Be on the lookout for chunky necklaces, mixed metals, and beautiful gemstone combinations.

Chain Drops

From dangly earrings to lariat necklaces, the chain drop look is in, and we’re so on board! The best part is that chain drop jewelry allows you to make a fashion statement, without overpowering your everyday wardrobe. Go ahead, give it a try!

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