Jewel of the month: Aquamarine

Jewel of the month: Aquamarine

The treasure of Mermaids


A symbol of renewal and eternal youth, aquamarines are a fitting birthstone for those born in the month when Winter gives way to Spring. Fabled to be found in a mermaid's undersea treasure trove, aquamarine is a long-revered gem of ancient lineage. It was the sailor's talisman for the Greeks and Romans, thought to ensure a safe and prosperous passage across rough seas. In Medieval times, the gem was used to rekindle the love of married couples and cure afflictions of the heart. Modern spiritual healers believe its energy instills a deep sense of serenity, calm, and mental clarity on the wearer.

Aquamarine jewelry has been popular among collectors and gemstone connoisseurs throughout the Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro and Modern periods. Today, the gem is a beloved choice among Hollywood A-listers and royalty from around the world.

Derived from the Latin for "water" (aqua) and "sea" (marina), the aquamarine has long been associated with the ocean. Its breathtaking watery blue hues evoke visions of tropical lagoons and gentle waves breaking on the shore. Like a refreshing swim in the ocean, aquamarine is thought to rejuvenate, purify, and wash away emotional angst.

As a member of the beryl mineral family, aquamarine is the alluring blue cousin of the emerald. It owes its tranquil ocean hues to a small presence of oxide iron. The stone is prized among lapidaries due to its pleochroic characteristic, meaning multiple colors are visible when viewed from different angles. Due to its hardness and transparency, aquamarine is also favored for imaginative designs and fantasy cuts. The gem forms in dazzling transparent crystals that are often flawless six-sided hexagons.

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