July Jewel of the Month: Ruby

A Decadent Crimson Delight


Does Mom have a July birthday? Looking for a fresh take on an engagement ring? Or maybe you’re ready to treat yourself to a luxurious piece of jewelry. Chances are, rubies may be just what you’re looking for.

In Sanskrit, ruby is called ratnaraj, or king of stones.  Ancient cultures of the far East treasured the ruby as a talisman for wealth, love, wisdom, and protection. Wearing the stone on the left, the heart side, was believed to provide protection from perils. Ancient Burmese warriors even physically inserted rubies into their flesh before battle!   Although many ancient civilizations believed rubies to hold mystical powers, the modern symbolism of the ruby is love, passion, and romance.  Ruby jewelry is therefore a popular choice for engagement rings, anniversary pendants, and Valentine’s gifts.

Known for their striking crimson hues, rubies catch the eye like no other gemstone. The presence of chromium causes not only their deep red color, but a glowing fluorescence from within the stone. Pigeon blood rubies display an unmistakable vibrant red to purplish red hue and are among the most valuable and rare rubies in the world. In 2015, the Burmese pigeon’s blood Sunrise Ruby sold for a record $30.3 million – or just over $1 million per carat! Weighing an astonishing 25.59 carats, it broke the world auction record for price per carat for any ruby and became the most expensive Cartier jewel ever auctioned.

Star Rubies exhibit a special effect called asterism. This effect is a beautiful display of a six-rayed star that shines from within when the stone is moved. This magnificent star effect is attributed to tiny needle-like inclusions of rutile, called silk.  The most famous star ruby is the Delong, which resides in the Natural History Museum in New York City. Of Burmese origin and weighing 100.32 carats, it is deep purplish red in color and exhibits an extremely sharp 6-rayed star effect.

Among the most versatile gemstones, rubies pop in all metals and against every skin tone. Their fiery beauty and dramatic allure add a touch of elegance to both trendy casual wear and the most glamorous evening looks. Come by the Carats Fine Jewelry and Watches showroom to browse our decadent selection of rubies today!