Jewel of the month: Sapphire

Jewel of the month: Sapphire

Beauty in All the Colors of the Rainbow


Second only to the diamond, sapphires are the world’s most popular gem. They command an impressive $800 million of the gemstone retail market. And for good reason! There’s nothing more captivating than the velvety cobalt blue of a sapphire. The finest sapphires typically come from the Kashmir region of India, known for their vivid color saturation and unique cornflower blue tint. Highly sought after, these stunning and rare stones exceed $200,000 per carat.

But did you know that sapphires come in nearly every color of the rainbow? Fiery magenta, lemony yellow, sunset orange, and soft lilac may not be colors you’d typically associate with sapphires, but they’re just some of the many hues of fancy sapphires. The most coveted of the colored sapphires are called Padparadschas. These romantic pastel stones, originally discovered in Sri Lanka, were named after the region’s peach lotus blossoms. Padparadschas always make a big splash on the Red Carpet, with floral-designed cocktail rings and striking bracelets with petal-like arrangements of the pinkish-orange gems. The warm apricot hue of Padparadscha sapphires is typically complimented by rose gold settings and has recently become a trend for lucky blushing brides.

Symbolizing a promise of loyalty, trust, and integrity, sapphires are the most popular colored stone for engagement rings. In 1981, when Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with an 18-carat blue sapphire engagement ring, sales of the stone skyrocketed. An oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by diamonds, Lady Diana’s sparkler became the world’s most sought-after engagement ring style for more than a decade. The ring was then handed down to Prince William, who sealed his engagement to Kate Middleton with it thirty years later. Sales of sapphire engagement rings dramatically increased once more, with jewelers all over the world frantically buying the stone to satisfy the public’s demand.

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