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Fine Watches & Jewelry

The hallmark of any piece of fine jewelry is how beautiful and intricate the design is. The greater the attention to detail, the more unique and revered the jewelry is. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to the world of designer timepieces. At Carats Fine Jewelry & Watches, we invite you to come visit our jewelry store in Sarasota, FL and discover for yourself why we think branded watches are such an important aspect of fine jewelry that we put the word watches in our name.

High Quality Timepieces

Recognized around the world as a symbol not just of exquisite taste, but also of success, a fine watch says more about the person wearing it than possibly anything else. We proudly feature some of the finest designer timepieces from around the world, representing companies that have been making world class watches for a century or more. More so than in almost any other line of fine jewelry, we recognize the importance of a designer name, because it lets you know that you are not just buying something that is beautiful, you are purchasing something with a legacy of dependability and a watch that is designed to last for many years to come.

Watch Repair

We also understand that life happens, and sometimes that branded watch you have might need to be repaired. That is why, at Carats, we don’t just sell designer watches, we are also trained by the people who make them to provide any and all necessary repairs to help keep these beautiful watches running perfectly. Branded timepieces are recognized by many people as the singular accessory, one of both form and function, and we would like nothing more than to find the perfect designer watch for you.