In-house jewelry repair

In-house jewelry repair

Setting the Industry Standard with Impeccable Craftsmanship and Unparalleled Service

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If your jewelry or watches need repair, rely on the seasoned experts at Carats. From ring sizing and battery replacement, to restoring treasured family heirlooms, our jewelry repair is of the highest standards. We offer a variety of services including diamond resetting, chain repairs, prong replacement, pearl restringing and much more. Ultrasonic cleaning of your fine jewelry and inspections of your settings are always provided free of charge.

From old-school hand tools to the latest cutting-edge technology on the market, our on-site jewelry lab handles everything from simple clasp replacements to complex repairs of intricate vintage pieces. Our laser welding system helps us to do precise repairs on extremely heat sensitive stones and materials with no adverse effects. The laser’s sharply focused beam of light generates high heat in targeted areas, allowing our craftsmen to work as close as half a millimeter away from heat-sensitive materials. And the resulting laser-welded connections are considerably stronger than solder joints, 43% stronger than micro plasma welds, and 95% as strong as the original alloy! All polishing and buffing are done in an enclosed space, and our state-of-the-art ventilation, fume extraction, and dust containment systems ensure our lab is clean and particle free. At Carats Fine Jewelry & Watches, we always harness the power of the latest technology and repair techniques, while maintaining the old-world craftsmanship that only experienced jewelers have.

Need a watch repair? You can expect excellent service and meticulous care with our in-house watch work, including battery changes, strap replacements, case cleaning and watch lubrication. For more complex repairs, we utilize the latest technology and the finest local watchmakers in the area. And all Rolex repairs are done by local Rolex-certified professionals, carefully selected for their uncompromising expertise, training, and precision. From modern to vintage, from automatics to chronographs, from complex movements to quartz models – Carats does it all.

You’ll even find that many repair services can be performed by our on-site master jewelers and technicians while you wait in the comfort of our viewing room. For more involved repairs, Carats provides a no-obligation cost and time estimate for your approval. Stop by out showroom for a complimentary cleaning or repair estimate today!